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"Just in Time" Emergency Guide Overview

Emory University is dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment for its students, staff, faculty, patients, and surrounding community. The first step in providing for your safety is to be prepared before an emergency arises. The information listed to the left is provided for you to review and understand; should an event occur you will have background knowledge to execute the necessary procedures to provide for your own safety. You may also find it useful to refer back to the Just in Time Guide (PDF 209KB)during the time of a crisis to assure you are taking the appropriate steps with regard to your particular situation.

We encourage you to be proactive, always be aware of your surroundings, and become an invested member of the community.  Print and post the Emory Preparedness Checklist (PDF 255KB) to ensure you have taken all the steps for your personal preparedness.

Celebrate this season with the gift of preparedness!

Be Proactive

Contact Emory Police Department at 404.727.6115 to schedule a crime risk prevention workshop for your group.