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What is LiveSafe?

LiveSafe is a personal safety mobile app that Emory University is providing to all students, faculty, and staff to download for free. The app provides a quick, convenient, and discreet way to communicate directly with Emory University safety officials, enhancing your overall safety and allowing Emory University Police to better protect you.


LiveSafe Goals: A Mobile Solution to Increase Overall Safety


Explaining the Main Features of the LiveSafe App:


Best Practices to Download and Start Using the LiveSafe App


Steps to Download LiveSafe

  1. Download LiveSafe from the App Store or Google Play (Enable location services and push notifications when prompted).
  2. Sign up using your mobile phone number.
  3. Create a password and fill in your name.
  4. Search for “Emory University” to connect with the organization.
  5. Add your email to your profile (Left Menu > Settings > Profile