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Webinar addressing the Paramedic Chiefs of Canada / OCT 23, 2014

Emory Healthcare launches Ebola protocols website as resource on prevention and patient care / October 20, 2014

Preparing for Ebola: What U.S. Hospitals Can Learn From Emory Healthcare and Nebraska Medical Center, CDC COCA / October 14, 2014

"Safe Management of Patients with Ebola Virus Disease:Serious Communicable Diseases: Recent Experience with Ebola Virus." (Annals of Internal Medicine) / 9/23/14 (PDF)

E-Grand Rounds - EMS: Transport and Care of Patients ill with Ebola Virus Disease / September 17, 2014

Emory Healthcare letter and statement to the community.  FAQ

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Linking academic and Public Health Institutions in Disaster Response (Emory Health Now Blog) / July 28, 2010

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Helping Haiti (Emory Report) / January 25, 2010


H1N1 Response 

Working closely with Emory partners and expert faculty and staff, the Office of Critical Event Preparedness and Response served to coordinate the enterprise response to the 2009/2010 H1N1 Pandemic.  Below are just a few samples of the efforts across campus:

Flu Outbreak Mobilizes Response (Emory Report) / June 8, 2009

SORT Triage Tool

CEPAR In collaboration with Emory faculty, the State Division of Public Health, the Robert W. Woodruff Foundation, the deBeaumont Foundation and national partners developed the Strategy for Off-Site Rapid Triage (SORT), a risk stratification tool designed to assess illness severity and risk factors in an effort to direct individuals to the place most suitable for their condition; home for convalescence or clinic/ER for further evaluation and care. The CDC ultimately adopted a version as a clinician decision support tool and the Department of Health and Human Services ( and Microsoft Corporation (H1N1 Response Center) adopted a web-based version for individual self-assessment.

H1N1 Resident Hall 

A resident hall that was originally slated to be torn down was reserved for students with flu-like symptoms that were living on campus to provide a comfortable residence and help control spread of the novel virus.



CEPAR was awarded two federal grants.  One to improve the Emergerncy Preparedness program at Emory; the other to lead the Academic-Community Partnership for Sustainable Preparedness and Response research project of the CDC funded Preparedness and Emergency Response Research Center (PERRC) grant awarded to the Emory Rollins School of Public Health.