Education & Training

Emory NDLS Training Center

Emory is a certified regional National Disaster Life Support (NDLS) Training Center. Through the Office of Critical Event Preparedness and Response and Emory's Department of Emergency Medicine, Section of Prehospital and Disaster Medicine, Emory offers NDLS program courses both on campus and regionally.  

The Georgia Department of Health and Georgia Poison Centers is partnering with Emory to offer a number of courses Fall 2014 and Spring 2015. Please see the available list of courses and course descriptions.

Annual student orientation and RA training

Emory Just in Time Training was developed to provide preparedness training for the community.  

Emory Just in Time Campus Emergency Guide includes instructions on what to do in an emergency, including evacuation and shelter-in-place; the Emory Emergency Notification System; what to do in case of a fire, severe weather, laboratory hazardous materials spills; and additional emergency contacts and resources.

Awareness and Preparedness Presentation for Staff and Faculty

CEPAR staff provide preparedness information upon request from departments and schools.  To schedule a brief presentation and training for your staff and faculty, please contact Sam Shartar.

Pandemic and Seasonal Influenza Training

Emory and the Georgia Health Sciences University partner to provide influenza training for the community.  The Pandemic and Seasonal Influenza training consists of six in-depth online presentations covering the physician's role in the management of pandemic and seasonal influenza.  The training was developed with grant support from the Georgia Department of Human Resources and has been made available to both physicians and non-physicians at no cost.

Emory American Red Cross Club

The American Red Cross Club at Emory University promotes awareness of emergency preparedness on campus, recognizes the need to be individually prepared for emergencies and to leverage their classroom skills in a crisis response.  The ARC Campus Club provides Red Cross educational training and services to students and the local community. The club is a student group chartered through the Atlanta Red Cross and Emory Student Government Association.