Emergency Notification Program

The Emory Emergency Notification program (PDF 41KB) is a multi-modal system for alerting students, staff, faculty and visitors of an emergency affecting the Emory community. The wide array of notification options affords Emory the flexibility to convey emergency information in the most appropriate manner and provides redundancy to help ensure the message gets out. Not all emergencies require all of the notification components to be engaged simultaneously.

Notification Components

  • Outdoor Sirens/Public Address System
  • RAVE System - text messages sent to your cell phone
    • Program two "short codes" into your cell phone contacts — 226787 and 678283 — with unique ringtones, so you may quickly identify Emory emergency alerts!
  • Emory Email
  • Emory Web RSS
  • Emory Cable TV Banner/Messages
  • Emory LiveSafe App
  • @EMORY_CEPAR Twitter & EmoryCEPAR Facebook

How can I receive a text message?

Students and staff can access the Emergency Alert Information page by logging into OPUS or Peoplesoft. Simply enter your cell phone number and provider information. Be sure to update your information if you change your cell phone number or mobile carrier.

What if I forget to update?

You have a lot on your mind. Each semester when students log into OPUS they will be automatically prompted to view and update emergency contact information. Staff will receive a reminder through Peoplesoft during annual benefits open enrollment.

What if I am not an employee or student?  Can I still get the message?

Emory now utilizes @Emory_CEPAR on Twitter and EmoryCEPAR on Facebook to convey emergency messages, monthly tests and awareness messages to reach the extended Emory community (neighbors, family members of students and employees, alumni, patients, guests and contractors).  Follow us on Twitter or follow this simple guide (PDF 300KB) to have Twitter messages sent directly to your phone without monitoring social media.

Monthly Testing

Outdoor sirens, the public address system, and RAVE text messages will be tested at noon on the first Wednesday of each month.  The CEPAR office will also send out a Twitter message to coincide with the monthly test.  If inclement weather is present on the first Wednesday, the test will be postponed to the second Wednesday of the month.  If inclement weather persists the test will be postponed until the following month.

What should I do if I hear a siren or receive a notification?

Be aware of your surroundings and take action to provide for your safety. Share the information with others around you who may not have received the message. If you need more information visit the Emory website or tune to your local television/radio station.

Monthly Testing - 1st Wednesday of the month, unless there is inclement weather, then the test will be moved to the 2nd Wednesday of the month.
If inclement weather persists, then the test will be cancelled for the month.

*Emory has the capacity to send emergency text messages to enrolled participants and continues to work with major carriers to provide timely delivery. Ultimate delivery of the message, however, depends heavily on the cell service provider, the coverage area and the cell signal. Because no single medium is 100% effective, Emory is committed to a multi-modal notification program.