LiveSafe is a personal safety mobile app that Emory University is providing to all students, faculty, and staff to download for free.

LiveSafe serves as a preventive measure to stop crimes and incidents before they happen by leveraging the community’s eyes and ears in helping to keep the campus safe. The app provides a quick, convenient, and discreet way to communicate directly with Emory University safety officials, enhancing your overall safety and allowing Emory Police to better protect you.

App Features

Report Tips

Allows you to send text, picture, video, and audio directly to Emory Police in real-time and anonymously if you prefer. Share information about any safety incidents or concerns, such as suspicious activity, theft, harassment, and more. Also has a live chat feature connecting with the Emory Police Department.

Emergency Options

By calling 911, calling EPD, or messaging EPD from the “Emergency Options” screen, you will initiate location tracking, allowing the EPD to see where you are and respond to you more quickly in an emergency. You can stop location tracking any time after the call is placed.


Get from place to place safely by using SafeWalk to invite your contacts to “virtually escort” you by following your location on a map as they chat with you. You can request to virtually escort others as well.

Police Escort

Request an Emory PD officer to escort you in person to your destination.

Receive Alerts

Stay up to date by receiving important safety notifications and emergency alerts from Emory.


Access important safety information such as emergency procedures, health and wellness resources, sexual assault assistance resources, and more.

Best Practices for Using the LiveSafe App

Complete Your Profile

To gain the maximum benefit of the LiveSafe app, make sure to complete your user profile with your mobile phone number. This allows Emory to better respond to reports you send in.

Enable Push Notifications

Allow push notifications to be enabled in your settings. Emory University Public Safety will send important alerts through SMS, email, and push notifications. You will not be spammed.

Enable Location Services

Be sure to enable location services. Safety officials rely on GPS data to better serve and protect you. When you report an incident or make an emergency call through the app, Emory officials will see your location so they can respond quickly. Don’t worry! You are not being actively tracked and can stop location tracking (when used during emergencies) any time you want.

Steps to Download LiveSafe
  1. Download “LiveSafe” from the App Store or Google Play (Enable location services and push notifications when prompted).
  2. Sign up using your mobile phone number.
  3. Create a password and fill in your name.
  4. Search for “Emory University” to connect with the organization.
  5. Add your email to your profile (Left Menu > Settings > Profile)