Vision: The Office of Critical Event Preparedness and Response (CEPAR) serves as the center for Emory enterprise-wide planning for and coordinated response to catastrophic events affecting Emory and the broader community.  Emory CEPAR will be recognized locally, nationally and globally as a leader in sustainable community disaster resilience.


  • Bridge existing operational, educational and research activities of the Emory enterprise relevant to planning, response, mitigation and recovery from catastrophic events
  • Coordinate the resources of the Emory enterprise to ensure an orchestrated response to a catastrophic event affecting Emory or the broader community
  • Craft novel, multi-disciplinary solutions for the mitigation of threats
  • Communicate with the preparedness and response community, as well as local, state and federal agencies with one voice
  • Improve the likelihood of extramural funding for emergency preparedness and response

"When Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast in fall 2005, the response here at Emory was both professional and inspiring. Plans were drawn quickly and efficiently over that fateful Labor Day weekend, and people set to work, running at a sprinter's pace even as they realized that they were in a marathon. They met planes, triaged patients, staffed shelters, housed evacuees, set up phone lines to locate patients' families, helped displaced students, and generally reached out with hearts and hands to help people in great need. We can all be proud of this response. But no one should be surprised. Responding to great need is simply what they do best, each and every day." Michael Johns, Chancellor, Emory University.


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