Student Organizations Partnerships and Involvement

CEPAR collaborates with various student organizations to provide experiential learning opportunities and support organizational missions with the goal of strengthening emergency preparedness across the Emory community.

Student Outbreak and Response Team (SORT)
Rollins School of Public Health

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One of the oldest graduate student organizations at the Rollins School of Public Health, SORT aims to promote public health through leadership, hands-on training, and experiences in outbreak response and emergency preparedness. CEPAR and SORT’s strong collaboration has provided its’ members many opportunities to engage, from participating in mass casualty incident (MCI) drills to providing input on CEPAR’s student programming. At the beginning of 2022, CEPAR furthered this partnership by becoming a representative on SORT’s steering committee.  

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Education in Medical Emergencies (EME)
Emory Undergraduates

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EME and CEPAR share a close mission, aligning with CEPAR’s training program and the Emory EMS (EEMS) volunteer service. EME focuses on educating the community on how to respond to medical emergencies, including training their members to teach hands-only CPR using the Texas 2-Step method. CEPAR’s Executive Director, Dr. Alexander Isakov, serves as EME’s adviser.

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Emory's Red Cross Club
Emory Undergraduates

Emory's Red Cross Club is founded on the principles of the American Red Cross and strives to engage in outreach that assists the American Red Cross in its endeavors and to assist the Atlanta community. The club coordinates blood drives and fundraisers to support Red Cross Initiatives. Program Coordinator, Amanda Mohammed, serves as the Red Cross advisor.

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Internship Opportunities with CEPAR

CEPAR welcomes students to engage with our work through internships/applied practice experiences (APE). In the past, students have assisted with social media management and community outreach programming and have completed thesis/capstone projects.

Opportunities for students arise on a rotating basis. If you’re interested in internship opportunities, please reach out to CEPAR’s program coordinator.

Contact Amanda A. Mohammed