Business Continuity

CEPAR works with partners across Emory to create a comprehensive, enterprise-wide continuity of operations program that supports the missions of the university and Emory Healthcare.

This holistic approach allows Emory to sustain critical operations throughout a disruptive incident and to facilitate a more expedited and complete recovery with limited negative impact on our people, processes, and technology infrastructure.

Business Continuity Responsibilities

  • Evaluate operational risks
  • Mitigate impact of potential incidents
  • Ensure operational continuation throughout the incident
  • Guide business to return-to-normal once incident closed

Guides for Our Work

International Standard ISO 22301

Documented procedures that guide organizations to respond, recover, resume, and restore to a predefined level of operation following disruption.

Business Continuity Institute (BCI)

The capability of an organization to continue delivery of products or services at acceptable predefined levels following a disruptive incident.

Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI) International

An ongoing process to ensure that necessary steps are taken to identify the impact of potential losses and maintain viable recovery strategies, recovery plans, and continuity of services.


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