If you should discover a fire

Call Emory Police at 404.727.6111 or 911 to provide details of the fire location.

  • Alert people in the area and immediately activate the fire alarm at the closest pull station.
  • Quickly assess the fire and determine if it can be extinguished safely using a
  • fire extinguisher. If you cannot extinguish the fire, immediately exit the building.

During an alarm

  • Evacuate the building immediately by using the closest exit and go to the “outside designated meeting location.”
  • Never take the elevator during a fire. You may be trapped if the power goes out.
  • Before opening any door, feel the handle and door with the back of your hand for heat. If the door is hot, do not try to open it. Find another route to evacuate the room or building.
  • Leave quickly, closing unlocked doors as you go to contain fire and smoke.
  • If you encounter smoke or flame during your escape, use another exit. Heat and smoke rise, so cleaner air will be near the floor. Get as low as possible to the floor and move toward the exit.
  • Do not reenter the building.

If you have limited mobility, including a chronic medical condition

  • Plan ahead for possible evacuations.
  • During evacuation, let the closest person to you know that you need assistance leaving the building. Look for “areas of refuge” like stair enclosures or the other side of corridor fire doors.

If trapped in a room

  • If there is a telephone in the room where you are trapped, dial 911 and provide your exact location.
  • Wait at a window if possible and signal for help by waving an object that can be seen from a distance.
  • If you cannot escape safely, protect yourself by closing as many doors as possible between you and the fire.
  • Seal all cracks where smoke can enter by using wet materials—jackets, towels, etc.

Fire extinguishers: Use the PASS technique

  1. Hold extinguisher upright and pull the ring (safety) pin
  2. Stand back from the fire and aim at the base of the fire nearest you
  3. Squeeze handles together and sweep the extinguisher stream side to side

Remember this simple word: PASS PULL AIM SQUEEZE SWEEP

View PASS Demonstration PDF