Shelter in Place

“Shelter in place” is a generic term meaning stay in a safe place. If you are outside, go into the closest building to avoid possible danger. Await further instructions.

Although the basic concept of sheltering in place remains the same, there are small differences in the specific actions to be taken for different types of emergencies. Every emergency is different, so it is best to use your judgment and intuition based on the information provided and your current circumstances and location.

Outdoor Hazardous Material/Chemical Agents

In the event of a chemical accident that may be occurring outdoors, remain inside and follow instructions provided through Emory Alert. Close all doors and windows. Avoid using the elevator.

Police Emergency

During a Police Emergency, you may receive instructions to avoid the area or to shelter in place. Situations vary and guidance may change as the incident evolves. Emergency personnel on the scene may provide additional instructions when they arrive. Listen to the police and fire personnel on the scene.

STAY TUNED for More Information

While sheltering in place you can stay informed by visiting the Emory web page at and monitoring for updates through Emory Alert (text and email).

How will I know the situation has been resolved?

Emory will use components of the emergency notification system (Emory Alert) to issue an All-Clear to the community when the situation has been resolved.