Mental Health Emergencies

In a mental health crisis, a person’s usual coping style may be overwhelmed. As a result, the person may become disoriented, nonfunctional, or attempt harm to self or others.

All suicide threats or attempts should be reported to the Emory Police so that proper procedures may be followed to ensure the safety of those involved.

Tips for Recognizing a Mental Health Crisis

  • Highly disruptive behavior (physical or verbal aggression)
  • Overt suicidal threats (written or verbal)
  • Homicidal threats (written, verbal, or history of violence)
  • Inability to communicate (incoherent, garbled, or slurred)
  • Loss of contact with reality (hallucinations)

In the Event of a Mental Health Crisis

  • Never try to handle a situation that you feel is dangerous. Show concern and maintain a safe distance.
  • Call the Emory Police Department at 404-727-6111 (or 911 from a campus phone). Clearly state you need immediate assistance, give your name, your location, and the area involved. Be prepared to provide information regarding the individual involved and the specific behavior you have observed.
  • Students may call the Emory Help Line at 404-727-HELP (4357) seven days a week, from 9:00 p.m. to midnight. See the Counseling Center during regular business hours or talk with your RA.
  • Faculty and staff may call FSAP’s on-call service at 404-727- 4328. When you reach the automated attendant, press “2.”
  • For after-hours and weekend urgent problems or concerns, contact Emory University Student Health Services’ on-call physician at 404-727-7551 and press “0.”