Severe Weather

Watches Versus Warnings


Severe weather is possible. Typically, 4 to 8 hours in duration, can cover multiple states. If a watch is issued, you should prepare for a warning.


Severe weather is imminent or occurring. Typically, 30 to 60 minutes in duration. Warnings are polygon- or county-specific. If a warning is issued, you should act immediately.

Warnings Issued by the National Weather Service

Dangerous Straight-Line Winds

Gusty winds associated with strong severe thunderstorms. These winds can cause significant damage and injury from loose objects and debris.

Severe Thunderstorm

Thunderstorm consisting of Hail ≥ 1 inch and Winds ≥ 60 MPH.


Visual confirmation or radar indication of a tornado in the area based on depth and strength of rotation seen on radar.

Flash Flooding

Sudden/rapid rise of water due to excessive rainfall, dam break, river rising above flood stage that typically occurs in fewer than six hours.


Stay away from telephones, electrical appliances, and plumbing. If you can hear thunder, you are close enough to the storm to be struck by lightning. Go to a safe indoor shelter immediately.

Emory only issues warnings for Tornado and Dangerous Straight-Line Winds.

After the Storm

Severe weather like a tornado, dangerous winds, or a severe thunderstorm may cause damage to the campus or the surrounding community. Be aware of falling debris and power line hazards. Consider calling parents and friends. Assure them you are okay and inform them of your whereabouts.

More about Severe Weather

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Prepare Yourself